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Newsletter - February 8th

I am hopeful that everyone has had a wonderful week thus far. First off, I wanted to wish Katie Bunger the best of luck with her pregnancy. Wednesday of this week will be her last day with us prior to going on leave. Please join me in sending her lots of love as we anticipate the birth of our newest little Tigre.

Shout out to our ECE team. ECE teachers must complete a 4-part series of mandatory webinars as part of their ECE Building Blocks Professional Development and Training across all schools in DCPS. We are one of two of the 15 schools in Cluster 5 that have reached 100% compliance with this mandate. Thank you, Mr. Serrano and Mrs. Gracia.

Shout out to Dr. Fortson. DC Central Services requires all schools to complete a school health profile. We were one of 4 schools in Cluster 5 who completed and submitted the school health profile for evaluation to Central Services on time. Thanks Dr. Fortson.

On Wednesday Feb. 7th I had the opportunity to meet virtually with the design team and the architects for the Adams modernization project. As an update, all aspects of the project are on schedule. The next phase of the planning component of the modernization project is deciding locations and themes for the art installations for the newly designed space. In the next few weeks, I will be appointing an Art panel consisting of about 3-5 community members to help to facilitate these decisions. There will be 9 art pieces installed throughout the building and outdoor spaces. They will be representative of our school’s values and history. If you are interested in being on the panel, please reach out to me directly. [email protected].

As we continue to work with the Deputy Mayor of Education’s (DME) staff on finding solutions to possible overcrowding at the Oyster campus, a group of community members consisting of teachers, school administrators and families will be meeting with members of the DME on Friday Feb. 9th to discuss some ideas that have been shared with us. We are trying to find solutions that will not affect our current boundary. Will be communicating the outcomes from this meeting in my next communication. Here is a survey on possible solutions proposed in our last community meeting. Please take a minute to share any other solutions you might have or identify preferred solutions already proposed in the survey.

This past week we conducted a literacy walk through at the Adams campus. We visited most Humanities classes in grades 4-8. I wanted to thank everyone for hosting us in your rooms and wanted to share some of the highlights and trends we got to see in those classes.

  • Rigorous and collaborative project-based learning: In multiple classrooms, students were collaboratively engaged in projects to demonstrate their learning. Students were seen talking and collaborating in informal and formal settings.  
  • Multimodal displays of learning: The projects students were conducting included visual, technological, and written displays highlighting students' multiple intelligences and creativity. 
  • Language Awareness: Focus on the four language domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) was clear throughout classrooms. We saw evidence of classroom instruction of syntax (adverbs) woven into writing lessons, a lesson on verb conjugation in the past tense, and anchor charts that called students' attention to morphology (prefixes and suffixes), cognates, and palabras con tilde. 

When you have an opportunity, please participate in the survey linked below. I am asking for input on the SY 24-25 school budget. The budget will be released to me in the coming weeks, and I would like to make an informed decision as to how we will spend our money next year. Please take the 5-10 minutes to share your thoughts so we can ensure all voices are heard prior to making these decisions.

Black History Month events are coming up. Here is a list of some things we have planned to celebrate the contributions made by African Americans.

  • Schoolwide Events (Oyster and Adams campuses) 
  • Daily announcements to be read at each campus by a student re Today in Black History. Click here to access the daily announcements. 
  • OA Black History Celebration 23 Feb 2024 @ 6pm to 8pm Meyer’s Gym  
  • We need volunteers (Adams Students/ OA community Adults) for the event please sign-up HERE.




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