As a highly effective, dual-language school for over 40 years, we believe that all children are born and wired with the curiosity and ability to learn multiple languages. At Oyster-Adams we believe that ALL students regardless of race, class, gender or circumstance can achieve bilingually at high levels.

All DC Public Schools are closed due to COVID-19. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and other DCPS updates at While distance learning continues, meal sites are open across the district. To find a meal site near you, please visit Meal options are open to all young people under the age of 18.

Financial Relief for OA Families. Parent leaders have met about how to best support our OA families. We have families who are currently homeless, are living in shelters, or have already been laid off of work (ex: hotels, restaurants, casinos, nannies).  While the federal and city government work to put policy in place to provide relief, there are OA families with immediate needs. Additionally, undocumented families are often not protected with access to these policies. If you have the means to give, please do so through Venmo @OA-relief-fund.  

Important June Updates from Principal Cruz

SY19-20 Locker Cleanout Schedule Starting this week, parents are invited to sign up for a time to clean out their child's locker. All visitors must wear masks and adhere to the…

End of Year Gifts for Teachers and Staff: Rules & Regs

Many parents want to say thank you at the official end of the school year, but there are a few guidelines to follow:  No Cash Gifts: All DCPS employees take a…

DCPS Grading for Term 4

April 27 marks the start our 4th and final term of the 2019-2020 School Year.  The language below is a directive from the Chancellor. The general premise of this guidance…

EXPERT TIPS: Parenting & Distance Learning

How To Be A Perfect Pandemic Parent Just kidding! No one thinks parenting during a lockdown is easy. Everyone is new to Distance Learning. So, please ignore those perfect parent you…

EXPERT TIPS: Balancing Work & Family

Balancing family & work has always been hard.  With 2/3 of American families headed by single parents or by two working parents, juggling family & work has never been easy, especially in DC’s…

Calendar Updates:

Thursday April 16- No school for students and teachersWork for Thursday is moved to FridayFriday’s work will be moved to the following Monday (week 5 tracker) Friday April 24- No…

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“Since my first year in 1995, the library budget has come directly from our annual Book Fair’s net profits. Without the OCC there would be no Book Fair and throughout the years, the OCC has supplemented the BF profits, giving me (and the Adams’ librarians since 2007) $10,000 yearly to build our high-quality bilingual library collections (probably the best non-translated authentic Spanish collection for children in the DMV).

Laura Kleinmann

Oyster Librarian