As a highly effective, dual-language school for over 40 years, we believe that all children are born and wired with the curiosity and ability to learn multiple languages. At Oyster-Adams we believe that ALL students regardless of race, class, gender or circumstance can achieve bilingually at high levels.

All DC Public Schools are closed due to COVID-19. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and other DCPS updates at While distance learning continues, meal sites are open across the district. To find a meal site near you, please visit Meal options are open to all young people under the age of 18.

Financial Relief for OA Families. Parent leaders have met about how to support our families in most need at this time. We have OA families who are currently homeless, are living in shelters, and have already been laid off of work (ex: hotels, restaurants, casinos, nannies).  While the federal and city government are working to put policy in place to provide relief, there are OA families with immediate needs. Additionally, undocumented families are often not protected with access to these policies. If you have the means to give, please do so through Venmo @OA-relief-fund.  

Explore the science & public health issues of COVID19 -for kids & parents-

Why not use this opportunity to teach your kids about the health care industry in America and about how viruses spread, how they harm us, and how they are treated!…

Tutoring during Distance Learning

Does your child need extra help with distance learning and homework? To ensure that Oyster-Adams maintains its mission to provide all of its students with an inclusive and equitable education,…

#DCPSatHome: Distance Learning in Action

How to Navigate Distance Learning DCPS has created resources at every grade level, so that students from Pre-K through 12th grade can continue their learning while school buildings are closed.…

Family Virtual Touch Points

From March 24th - April 3rd, every OA tigre will receive at least one family virtual touchpoint from an OA faculty or staff member. It may be a phone call…

Access to Free Student Meals

While schools are closed, free meals will be available for all students every weekday from 10 am - 2 pm.  Please visit to search the site nearest to your home.  The…

Principal's Messages during Coronavirus closures

Dear Oyster-Adams families,  I know you will do your best as a parent.  Remember to take a deep breath and every day work toward progress, not perfection. You got this! …

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Hear from our


“Since my first year in 1995, the library budget has come directly from our annual Book Fair’s net profits. Without the OCC there would be no Book Fair and throughout the years, the OCC has supplemented the BF profits, giving me (and the Adams’ librarians since 2007) $10,000 yearly to build our high-quality bilingual library collections (probably the best non-translated authentic Spanish collection for children in the DMV).

Laura Kleinmann

Oyster Librarian