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Newsletter - February 22nd

I hope everyone is having a great week. I was able to complete the budget for SY 24-25 this past week and the early part of this week. The budget is balanced, and we were able to keep all the critical components for the 24-25 school year that make our school such a wonderful place. With such a huge deficit (about 550 thousand dollars) there were some cuts that needed to take place and conversations with those affected will be taking place shortly.

Wanted to send a shout out to Sowmya Boominathan. She participated in the Math Counts competition a couple of weeks ago and was invited to participate in the city-wide competition due to her success at the chapter level. We are super proud of her accomplishment and if you happen to run into her, please let her know how proud you are as well. Below please find some additional updates:

Black History Month Celebration

We are so excited for the BHMC event scheduled for tomorrow evening. Look forward to seeing the entire community there as we celebrate. As a reminder the event will take place at the Meyers Campus (on 2/23/24 @ 5:30 pm –8:00 pm.

8th Grade fundraising

Please help support the 8th grade trips to Costa Rica and New York by participating in the following fund raisers.


Come by Nando's in Woodley Park for dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 4-8 pm to support the end of year 8th grade activities, including the Costa Rica/NY/DC trips and graduation. Present the flyer on your phone or printed to ensure your purchase counts towards this Oyster Adams fundraising event.


Bake Sale at 1812 Calvert Street. Please feel free to drop off treats for resale.


March Madness Party @ Johny Pistolas from 4-7. Come eat and have fun.


Woodley Park Chipotle profit sharing night from 4-7. Flyer to follow.

Parent Teacher Conferences

On March 14th we will be hosting our PTCs in person. Please be on the lookout for invites to sign up for the conferences in the coming weeks. Teachers have begun the planning process for the conferences, and there will be some options on times and dates. Each grade level is working on communications and checking in with their grade level Assistant Principals to support each grade level's needs.

Student Devices @ Adams

Earlier this week we had approximately 30 new student devices, keyboards and chargers delivered as part of the midyear device replenish to keep our 1:1 student to device ratio. We are extremely grateful to DCPS for providing these additional devices, but we ask families to discuss with our children the importance of using these devices appropriately so they can last and support their learning. We have found that many of the keys on the keyboards are being pried off, devices are being left in non-secure places and there has been abuse of these devices. Let's work together to try and make these devices last.

Technology use on the Adams campus

Recently we have seen an increase in the use of electronics during the school day. We kindly remind you that use of electronics during the time of 8:45am – 3:30pm is prohibited. This also includes Smartwatches. Though we understand the need for communication between parent and student, we encourage you to contact the front office to contact your student during school hours and vice versa. In cases of emergency, the front office is the best way to communicate necessary information between both parties. For your convenience you may review our policy on electronics here.


Please use this Link to access the Term 3 calendar of events. We will publish the Term 4 calendar later. The calendar will also be available on the school website shortly.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week,




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