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Boundary Study Meeting- Follow up #2

As a follow up to my earlier communication regarding Boundary Study ay Oyster Adams I would like to provide the community some context as to how we have arrived to where we are presently for those who were unable to make our previous meeting and also provide a recap of the events discussed this past week for those who were able to attend.

Recently, DME (Deputy Mayor of Education) has put into legislation the need to review school utilization and birth rates throughout the city to determine over and underutilization of schools and to determine if adjustments need to be made to school boundaries in an effort to provide equitable experiences for all students across the city. This study is scheduled to happen every ten years moving forward.

As a result of this year's study, it has been determined that OA is overcrowded and will most likely experience further overcrowding based on new construction and increases in family sizes. Based on these findings, the mayor's advisory committee provided the school community with an opportunity to discuss some of their concerns and possible solutions prior to presenting their finding and recommendations to the Mayor. The initial solution proposed by the committee is to reduce the current Oyster Adams boundary. This solution would mean that some of our current community members would no longer feed into Oyster Adams and instead would be eligible to enroll at Eaton ES.

Many of our community members have not found this a viable solution. Some possible solutions that have been proposed are as follows:

  • Moving 3rd grade to Adams so there would be more space available for students in grades Pre-K -2nd since the Adams campus is under renovation and may be offering additional classroom space as compared to the previous space.
  • Moving PreK to a nearby dedicated space and have students begin their schooling at Oyster Adams in Kindergarten.

On Thursday we would appreciate your input in discussing some of the pros and cons of the solutions that have been proposed as well as any additional ideas you may have on how to creatively solve this issue. Some things you can begin to reflect on prior to Thursday are 1) What are your thoughts on the current solutions proposed and 2) Is there an alternative solution we may have not thought of yet?

Also, there were some solutions that were offered that would mean compromising our current instructional model (preK-8) and those solutions will not be considered. Our school is dual language 50:50 Spanish: English model which requires both in-boundary and out of boundary students to maintain this balance.




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