What is the OCC?

The Oyster-Adams Community Council (OCC) is the parent-teacher organization at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School. We are a group of elected volunteer parents partnered with school staff and teachers working together on behalf of the school community. The OCC supports Oyster-Adams by hosting events that foster community and build school spirit; keeping you up to date on school news and events; and raising funds for critical resources that help make our unique bilingual model successful.

Community Support

We support the Oyster-Adams community by:

  • Fostering community and building school spirit.
  • Raising funds for resources (e.g., bilingual books and computers) that your kids use every day!
  • Planning and hosting community-building, fundraising, and/or educational events.
  • Providing communications that keep families up to date with school events and news.
  • Working with the school’s leadership team to increase instructional rigor and differentiation.

How does the OCC operate?

The OCC annual budget and sponsored activities are overseen by an elected Board of Directors (parents, teachers and administrators). Our board includes the school principal, 4 OA teachers and 14 OA parents. You are welcome at our monthly meetings – please join us.

The OCC Board encourages suggestions, feedback, and questions from the community. Contact us at [email protected].

AS A MOM, DAD OR CAREGIVER of an OA student, YOU are a member of the OCC! Dates for this year’s board meetings are listed on our school calendar.




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