Communications Guide


Please use this guide to understand how OCC can support communication within the Oyster-Adams community, and how we can help amplify messages you want to get out to everyone! We understand that sometimes things come up last-minute. Whether OCC can support your request will depend on the capacity of OCC board members. The more finalized version of things you can send us, the more likely we will be able to help get the word out. Thanks for your help and understanding!

What OCC CAN Promote

  • School-related activities (Sports, Arts, Events, Clubs)
  • Grade-level fundraising
  • OCC fundraising

What OCC CANNOT Promote

  • Personal Businesses (e.g., parents’ businesses)
  • Non-school activities/events (e.g., Scouts, individual kids’ shops)
  • Camps not affiliated with Oyster-Adams

OCC is an all-volunteer board of parents. We are not professional graphic designers and generally do not have a communications budget. Please work with us and give OCC volunteers grace and support as we support our school community together!

What OCC Can Do or Facilitate

  • Email
    • OCC Communications
    • Room Parent Communications
  • Social Media
    • Unless already part of an OA document, OCC will not post photos containing students’ faces. Note that other entities also have access to post on OA accounts
    • Post already created content across platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Passive posting - we do not monitor comments
    • Create social-media content based on information you provide
    • Event Posting
    • Calendar/Holiday Reminders
    • School-Related Content
  • Graphic Design (at least 6 weeks notice required)
    • "Beautify" a flyer or document
    • Event Flyers
  • Website
    • Calendar Updates
    • Informational Page Updates

What to Include for Event Notifications/Volunteer Requests:

  • Event Title
  • What the event is
    • Who is it for?
    • What is needed?
    • Why is it being held? (e.g. raise money for X trip)
  • Who is hosting?
  • Date, Time/Duration
  • Location
    • Links for sign-ups/info
    • When you would like OCC to disseminate the information (ASAP, on X date, with a reminder on X date, etc.)
    • Grpahic of photo/visual design


Graphic Design

4 weeks before design is needed (e.g. 6 weeks before event):

  • Flyer Design: If you would like help with flyer design, please send all relevant information about your event at least 6 weeks prior to the event so that the flyer is ready 2 weeks before the event. (You can also feel free to design your flyer yourself!)

    • Include all relevant information listed above!

Flyers and Event Announcements/Requests with Deadlines

2 weeks before event:

  • Event Announcements
    • Please send the text you would like OCC to send out at least 2 weeks before the event. You can send it in English or Spanish or both! We will make sure it appears in both languages. Indicate if you have or would like to include any graphics or a flyer.
  • Event Reminders
    • Please send any event reminder text (if different than the first event announcement text) at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • Calls for Volunteers
    • Please send any requests for volunteers, including if you need help setting up a Sign-up genius, at least 2 weeks before the event. Please indicate all volunteer needs, categories, etc. and the timing and location.

Time-Sensitive/Last-Minute Requests (LESS than 2 weeks before event/deadline)

We know last minute things come up, and we want to help as much as we can. IF you have a last-minute communications request, please send the following to Becky:

  • Complete text you want communicated, translated to English/Spanish and checked by a Spanish-speaker as appropriate. (If you absolutely cannot provide/verify a translation yourself/through a friend, please let us know and we can do our best to assist.)
  • Ensure text is formatted and emphasized correctly so it can be copy-pasted easily into a communication email/WhatsApp Message.
  • Clearly highlight the deadline date, target audience for the communication, and the ask (if any).
  • Identify if the information has already appeared in another communication (e.g. Principal’s message, etc.)

Social Media

What OCC Will Post

  • Flyers
  • Photos that DO NOT SHOW CHILDREN’S FACES (unless part of an existing DCPS/OA document/flyer)
  • Sharing Other related posts (e.g. from DCPS, @oysterartists, etc.)

What OCC Will NOT post

  • Photos with children’s faces
  • Comments (including responding to comments)
  • Advertisements or Endorsements of non-school related activities

Content Creation

  • 3 weeks before if design is required
  • 2 weeks before if no design required but requires formatting/creation

Posting/Publishing Existing/Already developed content

  • 1-2 weeks before desired publication date

Contributing content for non time-sensitive posting

  • Send to communications representative at OCC, currently [email protected]
  • OCC will not post event photos that clearly show children’s faces, please be
    mindful of how you photograph OA events if you would like OCC to post your photos on OA social media accounts
    • Exceptions can be made for club/sports/art promotion if desired by all families with children’s faces pictured (e.g. cast photos, team photos, etc.)




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