Current Budget

These are the highlights presented to the overall community in a slideshow during the OCC meeting followed by its approval.


The OCC budget is intended to align with and complement the school’s DCPS budget. The OCC budget, among other things, helps to fill in gaps in funding from DCPS.

The proposed budget was created through consultation between the parent board members, the teacher representatives, and the administrative staff. The process included a meeting open to all school staff.

The OCC is continuing to look at new ways to involve the broader community in setting the priorities for future budgets.

Annual family donations are critical. They are expected to provide the vast majority of the OCC’s funds. OCC also is supported by OA merchandise sales, Christmas tree sales, and by a variety of other fundraising events throughout the year.

Grade-level fundraising should be coordinated with the OCC. The funds allocated to grade-level overnight field trips in the OCC budget cover only a small portion of the expenses for these trips. Please contact the OCC before commencing grade-level fundraising for these trips.

Virtually all of the funds raised by the OCC go directly to supporting the school and the community. The OCC is entirely volunteer and seeks to minimize organizational costs.

Temporary budget (previously approved)

  • Almost $100,000 for supplies for classrooms (including specials classes), as well as local field trips.
  • Almost $10,000 for supplies for staff providing educational and social support to students.
  • $10,000 for web-based curriculum materials.
  • $20,000 for community events, teacher appreciation, communications and other school-related purposes.

Proposed budget (approved on 10/19/23)


  • $111,700 in discretionary funds for staff.
  • $42,000 in funds for other educational support.
  • $61,800 in funds for enrichment activities.
  • $32,500 in funds for community building events.

Discretionary funds for staff

  • $98,900 for supplies for classrooms (including specials), including:
    • $6,000 specially allocated to math,
    • $6,000 specially allocated to science, and
    • $26,000 for local academic field trips.
  • $7,600 for supplies for staff providing educational support to students (including SPED staff, TAG staff, and instructional coaches).
  • $2,250 for supplies for staff providing social and emotional support to students (including counselors, psychologists, social workers, and behavior techs).
  • $2,950 for the administrative staff, including the principal and the assistant principals, used for teacher events, cafecitos, etc.

Other educational support

  • $30,000 to boost the hourly pay of teacher partners providing tutoring to OA students, so that they receive market rate for their time.
  • $12,000 for web-based curriculum materials, such as RAZ Kids.

Enrichment activities

  • $35,500 for student activities, such as the musical, sports teams, clubs, yearbook, and 8th grade promotion ceremony.
  • $5,800 for school performances, presentations and social events, such as the spelling bee, STEM showcases, and visiting theater performances.
  • $20,500 in seed money for the overnight social field trips for grades 4-8.

Community building events

  • $25,000 for community events, such as Black History Month events, Hispanic Heritage Month events, Fiesta, and La Noche.
  • $7,500 for teacher appreciation events.




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