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Oyster Campus - Ms. Kleinmann

Summer Reading

Here in the Oyster library, our goal for students this summer is to continue reading in Spanish and English, explore new books, and have fun doing it! We are asking the students read 20 minutes every day in both languages. To support this, we are handing out summer reading packets. These packets contain a bilingual book list organized by grade level, two simple book reports in both languages, a page to list favorite books, information about the DC Public Library’s Summer Reading program and instructions about where to find e-books through the DCPS app SORA. Parents will be asked to verify that each of these tasks have been completed.

Reading Packets:

Note: there is no reading log in these packets-we suggest that you keep track of that your own, if you would like. It is completely voluntary. Completed packets should be returned to Ms. Kleinmann in the library by September 2nd.

Thank you and happy reading!

If you have further questions, contact Ms. Kleinmann at [email protected].

Return library books

Please help your student remember to  bring their books back to the library in preparation for the end of the school year. The last day to check out books is June 10, and students  with overdue books will not be allowed to check out books during the month of June.

Oyster-Adams Virtual Bookstore

Discover a wide selection of books in Spanish, many of which are not usually found in the United States at the Oyster-Adams Virtual Bookstore in collaboration with Bookworm Central. There are book recommendation lists for each grade level. Each purchase helps raise funds for Oyster-Adams Bilingual programs. Thank you for supporting our school! The books will be shipped directly from the Bookworm warehouse to your address.

Visit it here:

“Recomendaciones” Program in the Library

Did you know that our library has an extensive collection of non-translated books in Spanish from Latin America and Spain? Ms. Kleinmann’s program called Recomendaciones, gives 2nd and 3rd graders incentives to read these books. First, they select a book from the collection (picture books or chapter books), they read the whole book, and then they fill out a short book report including author, title, and a brief statement about their opinion of the book as well as a drawing of their favorite part. Once they have turned in their book reports, the kids receive points based on the quantity of text versus illustration. When they have earned three points, they pick a prize. The prizes are mini-notebooks, gel pens and bookmarks. The program has been very successful, especially when the kids share opinions about the books and trade them with each other. Ask your child if they have done a recomendación in the library. Hopefully the answer will be yes!




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