At a Glance

✓ Proud tigers
✓ Two campuses (Wards 1 and 3)
✓ Adams campus: grades 4-8
✓ Oyster campus: grades PK4-3
✓ Adams campus will be modernized in the next two years, and temporarily located at Meyer.
✓ Nearly 800 students 
✓ Two-way Dual Language School (English, Spanish): 90 / 10 grades PK4-1, and 50 / 50 grades K-8
✓ Full implementation of the principles and practices of the Science of Reading for both languages
✓ Introduce Mandarin starting in grade 4 (multilingual education)
✓ Departmentalized instruction grades 4-8
✓ Serve students in boundary and out of boundary

Key Facts

School Hours

8:45am-3:15pm (PK4-5th grade)
8:45am-3:30pm (6th-8th grade)

Metro/Bus Service

Bus: 42 43 96 L2
Metro: Woodley Park-Zoo

Facility Highlights

Art Room, Auditorium, Gym, Music Room, Playground, Soccer Field

Destination Schools

Jackson-Reed HS



Why Oyster-Adams Bilingual School?

As a highly effective, dual language school for over 50 years, we believe that all children are born and wired with the curiosity and ability to learn multiple languages. At Oyster-Adams we believe that ALL students, regardless of race, class, gender, or circumstance, can achieve bilingually at high levels. The main mission of our school is to foster confident students who are bilingual and bi-literate in at least two languages. Moreover, we want to help them know themselves and become globally aware people who know what they want to achieve. We want students to be able to explain how they will use languages to achieve change in their world. All OA students strive to live our community actions daily: Act with Integrity, Live Graciously, Lead by Example, Think Globally. We are one of the most diverse schools in the city, and with that comes opportunities and challenges. We work hard, and smart, and raise the level of expectations every day!

What great courses can I take?

  • 90% Spanish Immersion (PK4-K)
  • Bilingual Education (1-8)
  • Algebra I
  • Introduction to Chinese (4-5)
  • Chinese I, II, III (6-8)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Gym

What programs will help me find my passion?

  • Bilingual Education (1-8)
  • College Trips
  • International Trips to Costa Rica, Spain, and China
  • Overnight Camping Trips in VA and PA
  • Trips to Philadelphia, NYC, and throughout DC

What extracurricular activities can I join?


  • Elementary School Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Elementary School Cross Country
  • Elementary School Track & Field
  • Middle School Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Middle School Cross Country
  • Middle School Soccer (Boys & Girls)
  • Middle School Swimming
  • Middle School Track & Field
  • Middle School Volleyball


Oyster Campus

  • Choir - Sr. Salvador (3rd)
  • Explorers Club - Mr. Benson, Mr. Bland (2, 3)
  • Bilingual Board Game Club - Srta. López, Mr. Bland (2, 3)
  • Tiger Hoops Basketball Club - Sr. Hernández (3)
  • Elephant and Piggie Club - Ms. Kleinmann (2)
  • miniHER Initiative - Ms. Schuettpelz (1-3)

Adams Campus

  • Choir (fall only) - Sr. Cruz (4/5)
  • Chess Club - Ms. Ferris (4-8)
  • midiHER Initiative - Ms. Schuettpelz (4/5)
  • HER Initiative - Ms. Schuettpelz (6-8)
  • Debate Team - Christine Miller (6-8), contact: [email protected]
  • Math Counts Club - Ms. Ferris, Ms. Mazier (4-8)
  • Newspaper Club - Ms. Suarez, Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Palacios (6-8)
  • Asamblea (Student Government) - Ms. Vorhees (6-8)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club - Ms. Voorhees (6-8)
  • Duke Ellington Club (to work on portfolios for Ellington H.S. applications) - Ms. Palacios (8)
  • Game Club - Ms. Ferris (4-8)




2801 Calvert St. NW
Washington DC, 20008
(202) 671-6130
(202) 671-3087




2501 11th St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 673-7311
(202) 673-6500

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