YOU Can Make Outdoor Lunch Happen at Oyster Campus!

We hear you! Thanks to the hard work of the Oyster-Adams Community Council (OCC), parents, and Oyster-Adams administrators and teachers, we are ready to get MORE outdoor lunch rolling for our kids! But in order to do it, we need YOUR help. (Links to volunteer below!)

There will be three locations on school grounds that will be set up for outdoor lunch: 

  1. The veranda in front of the school;
  2. The blacktop; and
  3. The pull-through driveway off of 29th Street. 

In order to make these spaces safe and conducive for kids to have lunch, parents and the OCC have purchased barriers that need to be set up, tents for rainy days, tables, and other lunchtime necessities. All these things plus the things the school already has need to get set up and taken down each day. 

In addition, to make it safe enough for kids to have lunch in the pull-through driveway, we need extra sets of hands and eyes to volunteer during lunch to help watch kids and to make sure cars don’t inadvertently enter the drive-way. 

That’s where you come in! All the set up and supervision requires more people than Oyster has available, so the success of outdoor lunch depends on parents and caregivers stepping up. Please sign up for as many slots as you can cover to ensure outdoor lunch is available to Oyster kids using the links below! Based on your feedback, we adjusted the links:

1) Lunch Set-up (morning) – We streamlined into one link. One remains active.
2) Lunch Take Down (afternoon) – We streamlined into one link. One remains active.
3) Safety Volunteers – Same link as before.

Thank you for your continued dedication to making Oyster the best, safest, most nurturing school for our kids. Together we can make sure this year continues to be a huge success!

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