Tutoring during Distance Learning

Does your child need extra help with distance learning and homework?

To ensure that Oyster-Adams maintains its mission to provide all of its students with an inclusive and equitable education, OA teachers and staff may not be hired to provide private tutoring. Like all of us, our teachers are working very hard to adjust to new Distance Learning technologies and schedules, while also managing their own families and homes. Families are asked to refrain from approaching teachers about private tutoring jobs.
Still, we realize that some of you are eager to find tutors who can provide extra support your students may need during these many weeks at home. Whenever we hear about reputable tutoring and academic support services we will be sure to notify you here in the OCC email newsletters! So, please check back. Our first such notice is below!

Free Tutoring Service from 2 School Without Walls Students!

Principal Cruz received a note from 2 students at School Without Walls.
Aryaman Arora and Ananya Gulati are seniors at the School Without Walls who are starting a free online tutoring service for kids in DCPS in grades 1-12 called Washingtutors. They hope this will help “acclimate students to online communication services such as Zoom.” Aryaman and Ananya are also launching enrichment clubs such as Book Club, Math Club and Bullet Journaling club to “encourage the continuation of extracurricular interests as schools are closed.” Please visit Washingtutors. They are generously donating their time and efforts to help students in DCPS succeed! Please forward and share! They have contacted the DCPS Chancellor and he has approved of this project.
Thank you Ananya and Aryaman!

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