Ms. Yujie Peng

Place of Birth: China
Countries Taught: USA, China
Years of Teaching: 6

Ms. Yujie Peng is the new part time Chinese teacher for SY 19-20, a position new to our budget!  As our school continues to rise, more and more students are ready for Chinese in our middle school and Ms. Peng is just the right person for the job!  She will be co-teaching MS classes and Chinese as a special to 4th/5th graders. Ms. Peng is a Chinese national where she taught HS students and most recently teaches in Howard county as a Chinese school teacher and next year will be her 6th year of teaching.  She comes from a family of teachers, as both her parents were also teachers in China. She has a Bachelor of English from Wuhan Polytechnic University in China and a Masters of Education in Secondary Education from Towson University. Her priority is to build a friendly and positive environment in which students can learn and grow. Ms. Peng believes that learning multiple languages can help improve students’ brain function, especially in thinking skills and memory abilities, since the benefits of switching back and forth between languages is priceless. Thank you to, Ms. Li, who will serve as her mentor next year.