Mrs. Ofir Hurtado

Place of Birth: Colombia
Countries Taught: USA
Years of Teaching: 13

Sra. Ofir Hurtado is the new Spanish TAG teacher at the primary campus.  Sra. Hurtada has served Oyster for 13 years, she was a 2nd grade teacher at Oyster from 2006-2011 and then transitioned to an instructional aide in 3rd grade.  With DCPS pushing policy to make pathways for Native Spanish speakers and credentialed international teachers, Sra. Hurtado has earned her way back into our faculty.  We are so proud of her perseverance, ganas, and unwavering commitment to our school! Sra. Hurtado has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Cauca Popayán, Colombia and is finishing her Master’s Degree in Teaching/Learning the Spanish Language and its Culture from the University of Granada, Spain.