Principal’s Messages during Coronavirus closures

Dear Oyster-Adams families, 

I know you will do your best as a parent.  Remember to take a deep breath and every day work toward progress, not perfection. You got this! 

I want to remind you that this is hard, temporary, but hard. You are likely overwhelmed by both the situation and by all the resources and tips you are getting on social media. Let me start by saying that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Children are always learning.  The most important learning that they are doing right now is learning how to respond to hard and new situations. As parents you are their model. You are modeling how to be flexible, how to be kind, how to be patient and how to be innovative in challenging times. Here are my quick tips:

  1. Less is more.  Do what you can and know you are trying your best.  It’s ok if it all doesn’t get done. It’s also ok to make up your own academic plans for a day to spark a particular interest your child is showing.  Don’t tell anyone I said this, but it’s also ok to take extra long recess one day. 
  2. Expect trial and error as a family.  Build a family schedule if that helps, but also expect for it to change as your family routine changes.  Don’t get too tied to the first plan. Stay flexible. 
  3. Acknowledge the extraordinary.  This is crazy, really it is. Take deep breaths and try to lead your household with incredible empathy. Children’s worlds have been flipped upside down (as has yours).  Hug them tighter after the tantrum and be sure to take time to thank and forgive yourself. 
  4. Use older siblings to your advantage.  Got yourself an older sibling at Adams?  You have a built-in language tutor. Be honest with your oldest.  They are at the prime age of being able to understand others’ feelings and empathize with them.  Say, “I am trying my best, but I am feeling stressed about helping everyone.  Can I count on you to help me with __________?”

Social Distancing: I invite you to consider the act of social distancing is an act of solidarity.  This is especially true as we change our actions to stand with those most affected like the elderly and those in the medical health field.  It is also an act of solidarity to our community members who are uninsured, undocumented, do not have paid family sick leave, are unemployed and all those who are on the front lines like those providing janitorial services. Please consider how you and your family will change your actions as an act of solidarity, I recently read this article that helped me in this understanding. 

I want to take this opportunity to shout out and recognize the incredible work of our teachers and staff. We know that distance learning is not ideal, but we are all doing our absolute best. I want to thank our teachers and staff, many of whom have their own children or who have extended family members to take care of as we all adapt and balance our personal and professional needs.

I thank you for your continued support as we forge into a new, but temporary, normal together.  In the last week I have been reminded of how powerful our faculty and staff is and through the stress of last week it was your children’s smiles and faces that brought me peace and joy.  I wish you well and will think about our brilliant, bilingual and beautiful community and my commitment to serve it well every single day.

I encourage you to follow and like Conscious Discipline on facebook and Instagram (@consciousdiscipline).  There you will find tips and reminders that you may find helpful. 

Finally, I am also posting tips for parents on our school Instagram page. Follow us and tag us @oysteradams_tigers to share pictures of learning, play, artwork or send messages to OA staff. We are going to miss your children these next few weeks! Seeing their lovely faces will definitely bring a smile to us all. 

Mayra Cruz, Principal

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