We received more than $1 million in funds from the D.C. government to modernize the playground at the Oyster Campus. Stacia Cardille, a school parent, has been identified by the LSAT and the OCC as our point of contact.

What we know:

  • A contract to renovate the Oyster Campus has been awarded.
  • DCPS Facility Management is holding ongoing meetings with the contractor.
  • The contractors plan to survey the Oyster playground over a number of days.
  • DCPS and the contractors are tentatively planning to present information regarding the renovation in mid-November. They have communicated November 15 through November 19 as their targets to begin outreach to the school and community.
  • The OA Community continues to advocate for greater transparency over this project. We are committed to keeping the students, parents, and staff informed as we learn more.
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