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Welcome to the Oyster-Adams School Family,

As the school Principal, I feel humbled, honored, and excited to lead Oyster Adams (OA). We have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue-Ribbon dual language public school in Washington DC. For more than 50 years we have provided highly effective education to students whose first or at home language is Spanish and raised bilingual and biliterate students in at least two languages (English and Spanish).

We are a strong community that takes pride in being inclusive, equitable and diverse. We have one and only one goal: to narrow the racial, ability and linguistical opportunity gap. This means that everyone will have all the opportunities and differentiated form of support to be successful, not only academically, but in life. We also have structures, systems, and an amazing staff that make all this possible.

OA has adopted a framework to address and develop all needed skills in our tigers to be successful, not only at school but in life. Conscious Discipline is this framework that creates community-based learning environments where we share power, establish group cohesion, build / mend relationships, and practice problem solving skills. This framework is based on brain research and develops and enhances social, emotional, and self- regulatory skills in adults and students.

We would like to invite all parents, staff, faculty, and students to reach out with your questions, comments, suggestions to help our school community grow beyond our own expectations.

In partnership, Julian Pineda




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