Humanities at Oyster-Adams

Our vision for Oyster Adams humanities instruction is the integration of language arts and social studies. It is achieved through a paired literacy approach where themes from both Spanish and English speak to each other so that students can master Common Core standards:

  • Develop deeper content knowledge and language production
  • Make connections across studies, across languages
  • Develop true bilingualism and bi-literacy

Each unit (Spanish and English) is driven by the common core reading, writing, listening and speaking standards and ends with a culminating project called a “Cornerstone”. The cornerstones come largely from the DCPS Scope and Sequence; however, as a dual-language school, Oyster-Adams adapts them to provide a rich, engaging experience in both Spanish and English. Our dual-language Humanities model allows our students to dive deep into their studies, comparing and connecting themes across language while also becoming analytical readers, writers, and orators in two languages.