OCC Expense Reimbursement

If you have incurred an approved expense on behalf of the OCC, or are requesting payment on behalf of a vendor, please complete an electronic reimbursement request form and return it with electronic images of your receipts. Images can be a scan or a clear photo of the receipt. Payments will be mailed out within two weeks.

Fill out an electronic payment request form. (You will be asked to upload images of all receipts.) If you have questions about any payment, please contact Kevin Kurzendoerfer at treasurer@oysteradams.org.

Note:  When requesting a payment to an individual for services such as tutoring, coaching, custodial work, administrative assistance, or other work that is subject to income taxation, please mark Compensation (not Reimbursement or Vendor Payment) and submit along with a signed invoice detailing the services rendered. To receive compensation, a contractor must have a W-9 form on file with the OCC.