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Are You ALL IN for OA?

100% Participation in 100 Days!

Our school has never been stronger. Oyster-Adams’ students are reaching record levels of achievement, regardless of race, learning differences, or socioeconomics.

For almost 50 years, OA families have supported our school. Won’t you too? Make your Annual Fund payment today: oysteradamsbilingual.org/occ-annual-fund

  • Scores Are Up–Double digits gains in reading & math PARCC scores!
  • Best in City–OA has highest performing 8th grade readers in the city (DCPS or charter)!
  • Shrinking Achievement Gap–Reading achievement gap is narrowing in every sub- group; 4 years ago less than half of Black/African-American students scored proficient/advanced: now 79% are!
  • College- level Spanish–41 eighth grade students took the AP Spanish Language exams and 98% passed, earning college credit before even enrolling in high school!

Oyster-Adams’ Annual Campaign is the primary source of our school’s fundraising budget – $300,000 to be exact! Our bilingual program is expensive to run. Parent donations cover extra staffing costs. Principal Cruz is able to dedicate 99.5% of the DCPS budget to OA critical staff BECAUSE of parent contributions.

That means we have 17 instructional aides (instead of the 5 we get through DCPS)!

  • Bilingual staffing
  • Bilingual programming
  • Tutoring
  • Science experiment materials
  • iReady math app
  • Field trips
  • Bilingual books & manipulatives
  • RAZ Kids bilingual reading app
  • Professional development
  • Art
  • PE
  • Music
  • Theater programs

What is the purpose of the Annual Giving Fund?

The Annual Campaign is managed by the OCC, Oyster-Adams’ Parent Teacher Organization, a 501(c)(3). The OCC pays for academic programs, equipment and supplies NOT funded by DCPS.

How is money raised for the fund?

Each family is asked to make a suggested donation of $400 per child. Make a one-time donation or consider a monthly contribution. Give what you can. No amount is too small (or too big!).

OA needs you ALL IN. 100% in 100 days!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a receipt for your tax purposes at time of contribution. If you need documentation for an employer match to your personal contribution please email treasurer@oysteradams.org. We’ll be happy to help you!

Students are reaching record levels of achievement, regardless of race, learning differences, or socioeconomics.

Without OCC Funds: 5 Instructional Aides

With OCC Funds: 17 Instructional Aides!

If 100% of families participated in this campaign, no more fundraising would be required.

OCC recommends $400 per child.

Make a monthly or one-time payment via the form below. Or, pay by check made out to the OCC, or cash. Please make note of your child’s name and grade.






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The OCC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations given to the OCC are tax-deductible.

We are #OAthankful

Your OCC Board:

Chair-Presidente: Andrea Egan
Secretary-Secretario: Scott Dafflitto
Treasurer-Tesorero: Kevin Kurzendoerfer
Fundraising Chair-Presidente de Recaudación de Fondos: Catherine Depret
Calendar Czar & Community Chair – Presidente de Calendario y comunidad: Catrin Morris
Information & Processes Chair – Presidente de Información y Procesos: Jessica D’Amico
Community Events Director- Director de Eventos Comunitarios: Carla Ferris
Educational Investment Director – Director de Inversión Educativa: Purnima Boominathan
Fundraising Strategy-Estrategia de Recaudación de Fondos: Mark Bromley
At Large Member – Finance team – Elizabeth Ruiz
At Large Member – Community events team – Claudia Aguilar
At Large Member -Community events team – Monique Worrell
At Large Member – Hilary Benson