ON THE NEWS! OA Students “Get out the Vote” Efforts On NBC and Telemundo!

3rd-Graders’ GOTV postcard initiative makes the news… Again!

After learning about elections, a group of OA 3rd graders started mailing out postcard reminders for adults to vote and inspired other kids to do the same. What started as a small project with just a few third-grade families grew into a dynamic 50-family operation! Together, they surpassed their goal and have already sent more than 1,200 postcards!  

1) the original NBC Nightly News segment

2) many additional OA 3rd graders were also featured in an even longer segment on NBC’s Nightly News Kids Edition with Lester Holt in which the anchor touts the postcards-to-voters project as both “inspiring” and shares that “what they’re doing is great.” [Go to minute 9:25 for the segment. Also note, there are two wonderful teasers introduced by Holt at minute 00:19 and minute 00:43]

3) Third grader Emma was interviewed with her mother Soledad for a Telemundo segment (in Spanish, of course). [minute 31:00]

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We’re enormously proud that Oyster-Adams students, many of whom are studying active citizenship in school, have applied their learning to our democracy! And we’re grateful that these kids were inspired to reach out to adults about the importance of voting. And all while balancing remote learning and practicing social distancing!

Third graders Aria, Simone and Zahra may be too young to vote, but they’re still making their voices heard. After learning about elections, they started mailing out postcard reminders for adults to vote and inspired other kids to do the same.

“With each postcard that they write to a voter, our children are showing that everyone can make a difference in this election” 

 “Our kids are learning that getting engaged in democracy can be fun and rewarding—plus this project is bringing our school community together at a time when we are all socially distant which is meaningful for all families!”

Los estudiantes de Oyster-Adams se han unido durante ésta tan importante época electoral paraenviar postales personalizadas alentando a 1,000 adultos a votar.  Lo que comenzó como un pequeño proyecto con algunas familias de tercer grado, ¡se convirtió en una operación de 50 familias! Juntos, ¡hemos superado nuestra meta y hemos enviado 1,200 postales! 

NBC News incluirá un segmento de 2 minutos de este proyecto en NBC Nightly News, ¡con 10 millones de televidentes!. NBC Nightly News Kids transmitirá también un segmento relacionado al proyecto. Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de los estudiantes de Oyster-Adams, quienes aplican sus conocimientos y estudios en civismo y participación ciudadana para nuestra democracia.

Estamos muy agradecidos por la inspiración que llevó a los estudiantes a acercarse a la comunidad de adultos para recordarles lo importante que es ejercer su voto. ¡A la par de cumplir con clases virtuales y respetar el distanciamiento social!

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