Message from the Chair of the OCC

Our Oyster-Adams family has faced the COVID-19 pandemic with remarkable strength, resilience, and kindness. When buildings first closed, teachers and staff ensured students had the materials and technology needed to continue learning. When families suffered health or economic hardships, you dug deep to provide emotional and critical financial support. When we were most overwhelmed and scared, you checked on each other, lifted each other up, and celebrated the bright spots.

Through these many months, we should be proud that when things are at their most difficult, OA pulls together to take care of one another.

We recognize that the issue of reopening school buildings is complex, and we acknowledge that the most recent DCPS plan suffered from significant flaws, including insufficient engagement with parents, teachers, and school leaders. 

There is a broad spectrum of opinions in the parent community about virtual learning and in-person instruction. The thoughtfulness, energy, and passion parents are bringing to the conversation is tremendous. Many have voiced their opinions publicly while others have expressed concerns privately. 

The OCC believes and affirms that we ALL support the health, safety, and well-being of our students, our families, our teachers, and our school staff. Though we may have differing views on the best course of action, we know that everyone is acting from a place of love and concern. 

We also recognize that each family is unique, and what is best for some may not be beneficial – or even possible – for others. The OCC firmly supports the principle that individual families are best situated to determine whether in-person learning opportunities are right for their students. Further, we believe each OA family must have the ability to accept or decline those opportunities free from any pressure or judgment. 

As we enter Term 2 and the uncertainty of the winter months, now more than ever we need the strength of our Oyster-Adams community. We must continue to lift each other up and encourage continued dialogue and engagement. We must support each other, even when we disagree. We must treat one another with respect. We must think about how our actions and words impact others.  

And we aspire to live our Community Actions: 

Act with Integrity
Live Graciously
Lead by Example
Think Globally

Please reach out to me anytime at

In service,
Chair, Oyster-Adams Community Council

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