What is LSAT?

The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is an elected committee of parents and teachers that advises the principal and administration on school-wide academic and governance issues.

There are eight parent positions and six teacher positions on the Oyster-Adams LSAT, with an equal balance between Spanish and English speakers and representation from each campus. Elected parents and teachers serve a two-year term.

2019 – 2020 LSAT Members

Mayra Cruz
Peter Meliotis
Christina Morado
Rosa Berrocal

Steve Burch
Laura Kleinmann (Teacher Co-chair)
Eva Mazier
Jaime Solano


José-María (Chemi) Montes-Armenteros
Gador Manzano
Dan Gordon
Stacia Cardille
Mafe Garcia
Sweta Shah
Florencia Lopez
Gerald Taylor

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