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How can we better monitor our kids’ use of tech at home?

Our kids have never spent this much time on technology! And we can’t simply tell them to turn off their devices— some of their homework is likely tech-based! But most parents can’t over our kids’ technology use 100% of the time. And many of us are not very savvy at how to use tools to monitor or protect our kids online.

Are you a parent, student or alumni who can help families with questions about how to secure kids’ devices, block inappropriate content, set time limits (or limit to certain apps (TikTok, etc) during school hours)? We would love your insights and tips!

Last week OA Parent David Henriquez kindly shared some helpful links for monitoring students’ tech:
– Apple devices click here
– Android devices / Google, click here
– Microsoft Windows and x-box click here.

David is happy to help with specific questions. Please email him directly here! Thanks David!

Are YOU are a parent who has tech-related expertise? If so, please let us know ASAP! We would love more input and advice. The more the merrier! For more click here or email

Parents Experienced with Microsoft TEAM!

Teachers have been fielding countless questions from families struggling to navigate the technical aspects of Microsoft TEAM and it is taking valuable time away from the work of teaching. Are there parents out there who could provide help to other parents?

OA parent David Henriquez has kindly offered to help fellow parents. Please email him directly here! Thanks David!

All other parents willing to help, please email

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