Holiday Gifts for Teachers and Staff: Rules & Regs

Many parents want to say thank you and wish the teachers and OA staff a wonderful, well-do eserved break this holiday! 

No Cash Gifts: All DCPS employees take a DC Ethics Pledge to never accept cash or gifts worth more than $25 dollars from an individual.

Class gifts are OK: Gift cards given collectively from a classroom as a whole are allowed. However, envelopes of cash – even when done collectively as a class- make some teachers and families feel uncomfortable. Instead, we suggest the following options:

  • Class-wide Gift Cards: Room parents collect money from parents and then purchase gift cards for teachers. 
  • Individual small gifts: A family can always choose to give a teacher a small personal gift or gift card (of less than $25 in value). Again, no cash. 

Middle School: Middle School students have multiple teachers (Language Art, etc). Room parents for 6th, 7th and 8th grade could collect a general pool of funds from the grade and then distribute across all the teachers.

Room parents in your class or grade will help come up with a plan; please reach out to them to discuss. (Remember that the last day of school is Friday, Dec 20)

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