#GivingTuesday: Support our unique bilingual program

Our renowned bilingual program is expensive to run. Your donations help cover extra staffing costs.

Your OCC Dues help pay for bilingual staff & programs. With full participation Principal Cruz can dedicate 99.5% of our DCPS budget to OA critical staff. That means we get 17 instructional aides (instead of the 5 we get through DCPS)!

OCC recommends families contribute $400 per child

We ask that each family contribute $400 per child, more if you can and less if you need to. Make a monthly or one-time contribution online here. Or, pay by cash or by check (make out to the OCC, noting your child’s name & grade). Annual Dues are the OCC’s largest and most critical fundraiser. Commit before December 31st and get a 2018 tax deduction!

Oyster-Adams just keeps getting better: 

Students are reaching record levels of achievement, regardless of race, learning differences, or socioeconomics:

  1. Scores Are Up–Double digits gains in reading & math PARCC scores!
  2. Best in City–OA has highest performing 7th grade readers in the city (DCPS or charter)!
  3. Shrinking Achievement Gap–Reading achievement gap is narrowing in every subgroup!
  4. College-Level Spanish–26 8th graders took the AP Spanish exams and 96% passed, earning college credit before high school! 

Make Your Contribution Today. Click here.

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