Field Trips for ALL students: Travel-4-Tigers

Check out this New Video of Oyster-Adams Students!

Message from Principal Cruz:

I want OA kids to know what they don’t like about the world so they can use language to go change the world

To do this, students must step outside the 4 walls of a classroom and actually go see the world! While many OA tigres are fortunate enough to travel with their families, many are not. 

For many Tigres, our OA international trips provide the first opportunity for travel outside of the country. Throughout my 5 years as principal of OA, I have met families who saved $20 a month for years in order to ensure these opportunities for their children. OA is a generous community that believes that travel should be a right, not a privilege–and that all Tigres should know that their school has their back! 2019 Fund-a-Need: Travel for TigersI am thankful to those who were able to give generously at the Auction last week, to learn more about our Travel for Tigers (2019 Fund a Need) pleasewatch this video of our students by OA mom, Gabrielle Weiss.  

Help us reach our $35,000 goal by clicking on the link at the end of the video. 

The World is Our OYSTER,

Mayra Cruz

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School


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