Family Virtual Touch Points

From March 24th – April 3rd, every OA tigre will receive at least one family virtual touchpoint from an OA faculty or staff member. It may be a phone call or text and it is a quick non-academic check-in to ensure all our families are doing ok.  If you have a child at Oyster, we will be asking 4 quick technology survey questions. We ask for three things from you: 

  1. Help us in keeping the answers brief (we have 740 families to get through!)
  2. Let us say hello to the tigre.  We can’t wait to hear their little voices.
  3. If you are experiencing any of the following, please let us know: 
    1. Food insecurity           
    2. Inability to pay rent           
    3. Inability to pay utilities           
    4. Positive COVID 19 test in household confirmed by medical professional

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