Ms. Carrie Roling

Place of Birth: Jefferson City, Missouri
Countries Taught: USA
Years of Teaching: 14

Ms. Carrie Roling has taught at Oyster-Adams since 2009, and is a 6th grade teacher at the intermediate campus. She loves teaching 6th graders because they understand so much about their world and yet are able to envision change. In 2013, she became the recipient of the Fund for Teachers grant to promote Spanish literacy through engaging books, she received the Sally Ride STEM fellow in 2013, and the Fords Theatre National Oratory Teaching Fellow from 2013 – 2015. Ms. Roling loves that Oyster-Adams students think in two (or three) different languages, and the linguistic knowledge it give them to communicate across cultures. Ms. Roling’s favorite pastimes are reading, dancing, and watching classic movies.