Mr. Ricardo Zeno-Lopez

Physical Education Teacher
Place of Birth: Arecibo,Puerto Rico Countries Taught: Puerto Rico and USA Years of Teaching: 14 Mr. Ricardo Zeno-López has taught 

Ms. Jennifer Aguilar

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Katie Bunger

Instructional Coach
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea Countries Taught: United States of America Years of Teaching: 9 Ms. Katie Bunger has taught 

Ms. Erin Druelinger

Counselor (Oyster)
Place of Birth: United States of America Countries Taught: USA & Mexico Years of Teaching: 11 Ms. Erin Druelinger came 

Ms. Andrea Fanta

Instructional Assistant
Andrea Fanta is from Chile. She studied Theatre at University of Maryland in College Park, MD. She now performs for 

Ms. Iris Ferrufino

Instructional Coach
Place of Birth: Washington, DC Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 9 Ms. Iris Ferrufino has taught at Oyster-Adams since 

Ms. Maria Fuentes-Moran

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Susana Gonzalez

Place of Birth: Washington, DC Years Counseling: 8   Ms. Susana Gonzalez has served as the counselor at the intermediate campus since 

Ms. Maritza Hernandez

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Countereno Huntley

Custodial Forewoman

Mr. Ofir Hurtado

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Loquesha Jackson

Instructional Assistant

Mr. Edgar Martinez-Arce

Instructional Assistant

Gabriela Medina

Instructional Assistant

Mr. Gary Moore

Custodial Foreman

Mr. Andres Nunez

Place of Birth: Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Countries Served as Psychologist: USA Years in Education: 5 Mr. Andres Núñez has served as the school 

Ms. Cindy Nunez

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Aurora Paiva

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Becky Sachs

Special Education Administrator
Place of Birth: New York Years in Education: 4 Ms. Becky Sachs was born in New York, but was raised 

Ms. Melissa Shaw

Social Worker
Ms. Melissa Shaw has been the social worker at Oyster-Adams since 2008. After a few years of working across both 

Ms. Keiry Viera

Assistant, Strategy & Logistics

Mr. Jeff White

Instructional Assistant