Dr. Matilde A. Sarmiento-Arribalzaga

 4th-8th grade Math ELL/Intervention Teacher
Place of Birth: Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Mexico Countries Taught: USA & Spain Years in Education: 22 years Dr. Sarmiento is 

Mr. Orlando Cruz

music teacher
Place of Birth: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Years of Teaching: 10 Position: Music teacher Adams has a new bilingual music teacher, 

Ms Savannah Foley

8th Grade Integrated Science
Place of Birth: Florida Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 5 Ms. Savannah Foley joins us in 2019 to teach 

Ms. Yujie Peng

Chinese teacher

Sra. Christina Valentiner

8th Grade Spanish Humanities
Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela Countries Taught: Costa Rica, USA Years of Teaching: 3 Sra. Christina Valentiner is the new 

Mrs. Ofir Hurtado

Spanish TAG teacher
Place of Birth: Colombia Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 13 Sra. Ofir Hurtado is the new Spanish TAG teacher 

Ms. Carmelita Naves

Social Worker
Countries practicing social work: USA and Brazil Years in Practice: 30+ Ms. Carmelita is a clinical therapist who has worked 

Sr. Manuel Serrano

PK Spanish
We are excited to welcome Sr. Serrano to the primary campus for SY 19-20 where he will be PK Spanish 

Mr. Julián Pineda

Place of Birth: Bogotá, Colombia Countries Taught: USA, Guatemala, Japan,…

Ms. Daniela Morad

Dean of Students
Place of Birth: Cartagena, Colombia Countries Taught: USA & Morocco Years in Education: 9 Srta. Daniela Morad (not to be confused with Morado) is a 

Mr. Panagiotis Meliotis

Assistant Principal
Place of Birth: Years in Education: Peter Meliotis has been with Oyster-Adams and with DCPS since 2015. Prior to DCPS, 

Ms. Christina Morado

Assistant Principal
Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, MI Years in Education: 16 Ms. Christina Morado currently serves as the assistant principal for 

Ms. Rosa Berrocal-Phillips

Assistant Principal

Ms. Zaneta Han

Director, Strategy & Logistics
Place of Birth: Dover, DE Countries Taught: United States Years in Education: 11 Zaneta Han began her career in education 

Ms. Adriana Antunez de Mayolo

5th grade teacher
Place of Birth: Lima, Peru Countries Taught: United States of America Years of Teaching: 10 Adriana Antunez de Mayolo is 

Mr. Michael Benson

2nd Grade Teacher
Place of Birth: Manhasset, NY Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 17 Mr. Michael Benson has taught at Oyster-Adams for 

Mr. Steven Burch

Place of Birth: Louisiana Countries Taught: USA, Bolivia, and Uruguay Years of Teaching: 7 Mr. Steven Burch has taught at 

Ms. Roxana Bustios

TAG Teacher
Place of Birth: Lima, Peru Countries Taught: Peru; USA Years of Teaching: 17 Ms. Roxana Bustios has taught at Oyster-Adams 

Sra. Ana Calderon

4th Grade Teacher
Place of Birth: Màlaga, España Countries Taught: Spain and USA Years of Teaching/Education: 28 Position: 4th grade Spanish Mi nombre 

Sra. Ana Carrasco

Kindergarten Teacher
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain Countries Taught: Spain, USA Years of Teaching: 15 Position: Kinder Spanish Sra. Ana Carrasco comenzará 

Sr. Luis Carrasco

4to grado matemáticas
Place of Birth: Madrid, España Countries Taught: España, EEUU Years of Teaching/Education: 12 Position: 4to grado matemáticas Sr. Luis Carrasco 

Ms. Lindsey Colton

TAG Teacher
Place of Birth: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 2 Ms. Lindsey Colton has taught at Oyster-Adams since 

Ms. Melissa DaCosta

Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Jenny Delgado

5th Grade Teacher
Place of Birth: Arequipa, Peru Countries Taught: Peru, USA Years of Teaching: 22 I completed my High School education at 

Ms. Delicia Fullington

LEA / Read 180 Instructor
Place of Birth: Georgetown, Guyana Countries Taught: Czech Republic, Poland, USA Years of Teaching/Education: 7 Ms. Fullington is excited to 

Ms. Melissa Grant

ELS Teacher
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan Countries Taught: USA Years of Teaching: 13 Ms. Melissa Grant has taught at Oyster-Adams since 

Ms. Julia Hainer

1st Grade Teacher
Place of Birth: Virginia Countries Taught: Canada and USA Years of Teaching: 8 Ms. Julia Hainer has taught at Oyster-Adams 

Mr. Adolfo Hernandez

Physical Education Teacher
Lugar de nacimiento: Puerto Rico Paises donde ha enseñado: Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico Docencia: 7 años A​l Sr. Hernández 

Ms. Erin Hopkins

4th grade ELA
Place of Birth: Nashville, TN Countries Taught: USA Years in Education: 4 Position: 4th grade ELA Ms. Erin Hopkins is