Halloween at Oyster-Adams

At Oyster Adams, many students and faculty choose to wear costumes for Halloween. They are acceptable, although not
required. All students from PK-8 are free to dress up, but we do ask that parents help us with a few guiding principles to ensure
that instructional time can still occur.

No masks of any kind, we need to be able to identify students during the Kindness walk at primary and at times on the upper campus.
No plastic or fake weapons of any kind (swords, guns, ninja tools, hammers). Costumes for school should essentially be hands-free
No heavy face makeup
No costumes that are offensive to any group of people or that includes profanity

At the Oyster campus, some classes are choosing to have birthday celebrations for the end of the month, please confirm with your teachers before bringing treats to class as some teachers will not have celebrations and other choose healthy snacks only.

At the Adams campus, students will be asked to keep their candy consumption to lunch/recess only after having eaten.

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