Enrollment for School Year 2020 – 2021

Enrollment for 2020 – 21

Oyster-Adams is a PK-8 academic program and with the expectation that all students who enroll in the primary years complete the full academic program through 8th grade. It is recommended that children enter the dual-language program no later than first grade so that they can build language skills in the early grades. Therefore, Oyster-Adams generally does not accept out-of-boundary students who are not at or near grade level in Spanish after first grade. In addition, in-boundary students must take and pass our Spanish language proficiency exam in order to enroll. If a student does not pass and/ or the parent would like the monolingual option, the in-boundary school of right is Francis Stevens at School without Walls.

Upcoming Open House Dates:

  • November 21 (9:30 – 11:00 am) Oyster Campus – 2801 Calvert St, NW
  • December 12 (9:30 – 11:00 am) Oyster Campus – 2801 Calvert St, NW
  • January 16 (9:30 – 11:00 am) Oyster Campus – 2801 Calvert St, NW
  • February 13 (9:30 – 11:00 am) Oyster Campus – 2801 Calvert St, NW)

We encourage prospective families to attend the November or December open houses, since the January one was quite crowded last year.  We’ve also added an additional event in February to help with the overflow.

Pre-Kindergarten Students and Out-of-Boundary
All PK students and new out-of-boundary students must apply for enrollment through the My School DC . To submit a My School DC lottery application, click here.

A My School DC Lottery application is needed to:

  • Enroll as a new PK student
  • Enroll in grades K – 12 at an out-of-boundary DCPS school not currently attending
  • Enroll at at DCPS selective high school not currently attending
  • Enroll in a dual-language program at MacFarland MS (6th grade) or Roosevelt HS

A My School DC Lottery application is not needed to:

  • Enroll in grades K – 12 at an in-boundary or feeder DCPS school
  • Re-enroll at current out-of-boundary or feeder DCPS school

All applications must be submitted online through the My School DC lottery.

In-Boundary Students (Returning and New)

All in-boundary students, both new and returning, can begin enrolling on April 1st. To ensure you have correctly identified Oyster-Adams Bilingual School as your in-boundary school, please visit the Enrollment Boundary Information System (EBIS).

For families who do not wish to participate in a dual-language school or the student is not proficient in the second language, DCPS provides a second right-to-attend school. For non dual-language alternative schools, see page 15 of the My School DC Lottery & Enrollment Policy Handbook

For additional information regarding enrollment or to acquire enrollment documents, please contract Evelyn Irrizary at (202) 671-6130 or Susana Oviendo at (202) 673-7311.