Our Foundations

  • We believe that Dual-Language immersion works for every student
  • We believe that any content can be taught effectively in any language and we are confident in our experience and capabilities to adapt our instruction style, applying the appropriate strategies to make content comprehensible to all of our students in order to achieve our goals.
  • As teachers at Oyster-Adams, we are all language teachers.
  • A dual language community is a culturally rich environment and all members of the community—staff, parents and student— are expected to embrace the richness and complexities that such an environment provides.
  • The atmosphere of the classroom must promote cooperation, risk-taking, and mutual respect.
  • Translation is not an effective approach to learning a second language or to teaching content.
  • All staff must be good models of bilingual individuals or learners of second language;
  • Latin-American/Hispanic culture should not be the sole responsibility of the Spanish teachers but should be supported school-wide—specials, English teachers, school-wide programs.
  • We are a multicultural community and that diversity provides many opportunities to expand our curriculum.