Instructional Foundations

  • A second language should not be taught in isolation, but embedded in all content areas of the curriculum.
  • All lessons, in all languages, must be at high academic level with integrated literacy instruction.
  • Second language learning is supported best when structured within meaningful contexts, such as thematic-based, integrated units.
  • Second language learning is enhanced when lessons allow students to make connections with their prior knowledge and new learning.
  • Student-centered activities are essential for the development of oral language and vocabulary.

At the heart of Oyster-Adams, is its dual language program—the longest-standing dual language program in Washington DC. It is the reason why parents seek out the school, why there is an extensive wait list and what truly makes Oyster-Adams a unique learning environment. As a dual language school, we are teaching more than other schools. We are teaching rigorous academic content in a second (and for some students a third) language.