#DCPSatHome: Distance Learning in Action

How to Navigate Distance Learning

DCPS has created resources at every grade level, so that students from Pre-K through 12th grade can continue their learning while school buildings are closed. When you visit bit.ly/DCPS_ICP, you can get started under the “Learners” tab by choosing your child’s grade level for students in grades Pre-K through 8. 

To help students and families manage their day at home, you will find recommended amounts of learning time for each subject and grade level. You can use this information to build a schedule for the day. As you create your schedule, you can review the family guidance, which is available on the Learners page for each grade level. The family guidance includes an overview of the week, as well as central points of contact for questions. You can also use your child’s interests to build in study breaks and develop other activities to do throughout the day, whether that is writing in a journal, doing an at-home scavenger hunt, or creating a piece of art. 

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

We also know that learning isn’t only about academics. As you work on your child’s distance learning schedule, I encourage you to think about how you are creating time for your family to engage in healthy habits whether that is through jumping jacks, a short period of mindfulness, or nutritious snacks. #FitDC also offers daily at-home fitness activities for children, and I encourage you to build in time to stay active while practicing social distancing. 

Technology Access

Just last month, we announced the distribution of technology devices as part of the Empowered Learners Initiative (ELi), and we are proud that all high school students without access to a device at home will now receive one. We will be in touch with students and their schools directly on how they will pick up items to assist with distance learning.

I am also incredibly grateful that our local philanthropic community is recognizing the urgent need to ensure that all students—especially those furthest from opportunity—are given the resources and support to continue their education. 

To help meet these needs, the DC Education Equity Fund will be set up at the Greater Washington Community Foundation in partnership with Education Forward DC and the DC Public Education Fund. Donations to the fund will help ensure students’ basic needs are being met so they are ready to learn; provide students with internet and device access; and enable students to have a successful transition when schools reopen with additional supports and learning resources.

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