April 27 marks the start our 4th and final term of the 2019-2020 School Year. 

The language below is a directive from the Chancellor.

The general premise of this guidance is to ensure that a student’s academic status is not adversely impacted by our COVID-19 emergency closure of schools. During this distance learning time where much of our instruction is being offered online, we know that students will have different levels of access to technology and workspaces for learning – so much is out of their control. At the same time, our expectation remains that every student be engaged during this learning at home period, either through a physical learning packet or online opportunities.

With this in mind, we ask that teachers grade student work without penalizing them for assignments that they were not able to access or complete. We are also distributing technology and support widely and students who can continue working have an opportunity to increase their academic standing during this time. With this equity frame as our guidepost, we issue the following guidance for Elementary and Secondary teachers for term 4 and final grades.

Elementary School:

For Term 4, students should receive a “P” (pass) in content areas where they were able to consistently engage (a minimum 2 times per week) in at home learning assignments and activities. Students should be assigned a “NM” (no mark) in content areas where students were unable to engage in at home learning assignments and activities. Students in elementary school do not receive final grades.

Middle School

OA’s school leadership team just received the official guidance on Term 4 grading for secondary school on Friday, 4/24.  We are digesting it and will create OA specific guidance to meet the Chancellor’s requirements and the final notification will be shared with parents via specific MS email sent by admin by May 1st. We thank you for your patience.

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