Bring Food for the Teachers on Parent Teacher Conference Day (Oct 11)

Show Teachers How Much we Appreciate Them!

Parent-Teacher conferences are October 11.

It’s an Oyster-Adams tradition that families bring in lunch on conference day for our incredible teachers & support staff to show them how much we appreciate all their hard work.

OCC will provide beverages, plates, cups and utensils. Parents can bring the food!

WHERE: Bring food to the Teachers’ Lounges (on the 2nd floor of Oyster and on the ground floor of Adams). 

WHEN: Drop off anytime Friday, October 11.


  • Side Dish (e.g., dips, salads and pasta salads)
  • Dessert (please also consider fruit)
  • Main Dish (chicken and pizza and bagels are popular)
  • (Plates, forks and cups: OCC will bring)
  • (Beverages: OCC will bring)

Your child will receive more information about his or her classroom teachers and conference scheduling soon. Check back here for updates!

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