Principal’s Message

Dear Oyster Adams School Community,

I would like to officially introduce myself and share my core values, leadership styles, commitments, and my focus for the first 100 days as your new principal.

Today, I feel humbled, honored, and excited to lead the Oyster Adams family. I’m proud to be part of this established culture of excellence and meet all members of the school community. Together, we will bring the school to even higher levels of student performance in both languages (Spanish and English), and we will commit to the well-being of students and adults at school.

I would also like to share with you why I decided to become a school leader. I am the product of the public education system in Colombia. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunities, rigor, and support I needed to reach my full potential and develop my identity. That is why I design different experiences for students, staff, faculty, and parents. I’m passionate about being an educator because I believe that every student can and will be successful in nurturing and safe learning environments with the appropriate support.

I’ve learned through my vast experience as an educator, that the role of school leader in building a culture of collaboration, inclusion, and teamwork is critical to accomplishing our goals and shared vision. I believe we are all responsible for the success of our students.

Each experience in my life has shaped the core values that are present in my professional journey: Rigor, Equity, Teamwork and Care. These values anchor and steer all my decisions and actions as a school leader. They are also the pillars to implement our school vision. I would like to encourage you to share my sense of urgency and inspiration to commit to these values and school vision.

I will devote myself to continue shrinking the achievement gap at Oyster Adams and amplifying the privilege of marginalized groups of students to develop their full potential. We’ll continue advancing the ideal of becoming an antiracist school with a focus on STEM, and to fully recover academically, socially, and emotionally after a devastating year and a half.

Finally, I would like to invite all parents, staff, faculty, and students to attend the different meet and greets sessions that I will be hosting throughout the summer at both campuses. I would like to meet you and hear your stories, share my school vision, and hear your questions, feedback, needs, and aspirations. I also hope you take some time to unplug, rest and enjoy your families.

Remember, we can commit to use the power and choice we have to change life trajectories.

In partnership,

Julián Pineda (He/El)
Principal/ Director
Oyster Adams Bilingual School