4th Grade trip to Philadelphia

We’re so excited for the upcoming Philadelphia trip in April. Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be using Donor’s Choose as our fundraising site any more.

We’re now requesting that each family make it a priority to make their contribution to the trip ASAP (this week). This way, we don’t have to worry about the possibility of not being able to go on the trip.   

You can donate via the Paypal button below, and send this page to friends and family. Please make sure to  include your child’s name in the field provided so we can keep track of who donated what.  

Please note that OCC was able to apply funds that were collected for this cohort from prior years (from events like the Fun Run). This has allowed us to put approximately $6000.00 towards the Philadelphia trip.

I would like to contribute
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We are still looking for chaperones! We have had 12 people submit proof of their DCPS clearance and still need at least 15 more volunteers to get cleared in order to make the trip happen. If you are willing to chaperone and have not begun the clearance process please start it tomorrow as the TB test takes several days to come back.  Until we get at least 15 more cleared volunteers, we can’t begin to make final groups and decisions about who will be an official chaperone.