27th Annual Bilingual Book Fair is Here

Our 27th Annual Bilingual Book Fair is here, but for now it is VIRTUAL. We hope that we can have an in-person book fair in the spring. 

Just like in years past, we have a unique and extensive selection of non-translated books in Spanish, as well as the usual high-quality collection of the newest children’s books in English. 

The virtual Book Fair will open November 15th, just in time for holiday shopping. Please remember that Oyster Adams will receive 15% of the profits of the Fair, so don’t hesitate. Books will be packaged by Bookworm Central, our Book Fair company, and sent directly to your home. Look for more Book Fair news in the coming weeks.  

In the meantime, go directly to the Fair and begin shopping by clicking the following link: Oyster Adams Book Fair.

Would you like to buy a book for your child’s teachers and help  OA raise money during the holiday season at the same time? Go  to our Online Bilingual Book Fair and click on the “School Wish  Lists” in the top blue box on the homepage to check out their  lists. Teachers have so many beautiful books in Spanish and  English to choose from. If your particular teacher hasn’t created a  list yet, perhaps you could send them a gentle reminder in an  email. At the same time, 15% of the price of each book you buy  from our Book Fair stays with us at OA! So, it’s a win/win:  teachers get books for their classroom and the school gets the  funds. The link is here.

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