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Oyster-Adams Bilingual School  STAFF and COMMUNITY SY 2014-2015

Mayra Canizales, Principal
Rosa Berrocal, Assistant Principal, Primary Campus
Peter Meliotis, Assistant Principal, Intermediate Campus
Christina Morado, Assistant Principal, Intermediate Campus

Matthew Mitchell, Dean, Intermediate Campus

Instructional Support
Sandra Gutierrez-Adams, Pam Ross-Oyster, Instructional Coaches
Kenneth Wilcots, Technology Coordinator

Student Support
Fran Arch, Counselor, Primary Campus
Claudia Ayllón, Social Worker, Primary Campus
Susan Gonzalez, Counselor (Intermediate Campus)
Melissa Shaw, Social Worker (Adams)
Andrés Nuñez, School Psychologist

After-School Programming
Connie Artiga, OCA Director
Silvia Segovia, OCA Assistant Director
Sally Hunsberger, Athletics Director

Office Personnel
Susana Oviedo, Administrative Assistant (Intermediate Campus)
Kiery Viera, Administrative Assistant (Intermediate Campus)
Edith Shorts, Business Manager
Evelyn Viera, Administrative Aide (Primary Campus)

School Nurse
Mary Cain, Primary Campus
Danielle Chapman, Intermediate Campus

Cafeteria Staff
Lisa Cabell
Shirley Barno
Ms. Bell

Custodial Staff
Gary Moore, Foreman (Primary Campus)
Enriqueta Baez
Paul Jordan
Countereno Huntley, Forewoman (Intermediate Campus)
Anthony Scott, Clendon Wooten

Instructional Staff (Primary Campus)
Early Childhood Center (ECC ): Veronica McKillop

PK : Karen Morales and Veronica McKillop

Pre-K A:  Magdalena Saavedra, Spanish/ Roxane Kovin, English
Pre-K B:  Gina Medina, Spanish/ Melissa Grant, English
KA: Carolina Clarens, English & Spanish
KB: Mawilcri Santos, English & Spanish
KC: Melissa DaCosta, English/ Rafael De Las Heras, Spanish
1A/B: Alexis Leonisio, English/ Elisa Landa, Spanish
1C: Edgar Martinez-Arce, Spanish/ Kaitlyn McKechnie, English
2A/B: Mike Benson, English/ Sonia Canales, Spanish
2C: Nilda Ramos, English/ Tamara Crespo-Posso, Spanish
3A/B: Caroline Finn, English/ Vanesa Gracia, Spanish
3C:  Ana Lopez, Spanish/ Capestany, English

Targeted Academic Goal Teachers (TAG)
Roxana Bustios, 2nd/3rd grade, Yashira Perez
Rick Quinones, TAG at Adams campus

Special Education:

Special Ed.: Jasmine Edwards and Maria Zambrano
Madeleine Kleinmann-LEA for Oyster campus
Alexandria Lemus-LEA for Adams campus, Alisha Bender, Sped., Vicki Chrea, Sped., John Dixon, Sped., Becky Sachs, Sped.

Art: Johanna Janssens
Library:  Laura Kleinman
Music:  Sylvia Zwi
PE: Cosme Lantigua

Instructional Aides:
Sandra Fridley, Maria Fuentes, Maritza Hernandez, Ofir Hurtado, Laquoshea Jackson, Juan Larios, Karen Morales, Lindsay Pohlman

Instructional Staff (Intermediate Campus)
4A/B: Jane Vicens, English/ , Spanish
4C/D:  Missy Alden, Marga Ruiz, English/ , Spanish
5A/B:  Carrie Roling, Spanish/Pablo Giron, English
5C/D:  Ann Brainard, Spanish/Daniel Sanchez, English

Middle School
English Humanities:  Katie Bunger, Paul Gerber, Anna Sebastian
Spanish Humanities:  Robert Ames, Alba Hidlago, Oscar Orlando
Math:  Kristin Douglas, Eva Mazier
Science: Laura Dronda, Sarah Riggen, Ryan Sim

Chinese Language: Hanru Li
English as a Second Language: Brian Muldoon
Spanish Language: Marga Ruiz 4th grade
Special Education/ Read 180:

Art: Yanitza Tavarez
Library: Steven Burch
Music: Michael Bowie
PE: Ricardo Zeno-López
Instructional Aides:
Staff Bios

Nancy “Missy” Alden is a fourth grade teacher who came to Oyster-Adams in 1998. She earned in her BA in 1976 from Winthrop University and her MAT from Trinity University in 1998. Mrs. Alden’s mother is very proud that her daughter was confirmed in the Episcopal Church-in Hyde Park, New York-in the presence of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.


Sr. Robert Ames attended schools in the Panama Canal Zone. Sr. Ames matriculated to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned his BA and JD there. He worked in law for five years before earning his MAT at American University. Sr. Ames has been teaching 11 years, and is licensed and Highly Qualified in Spanish (K-12), ESL (K-12) and Elementary Education (1-6). Sr. Ames lives with his wife, Noemí Rodríguez, and two daughters, both of whom are enrolled at Oyster-Adams Bilingual. Sr. Ames enjoys SCUBA diving, cooking, traveling, reading, photography, Latin dancing, biking, and above all, spending time with his family.

Fran Arch has been the school counselor at Oyster-AdamsBilingual School since 2008. A native Washingtonian, she was raised in Maryland and comes to us from Montgomery County Public Schools. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Maryland in College Park. She lives in Maryland with her husband Larry Arch, a Rockville attorney, and her daughter, Nicole, who is 20 and a senior at University ofMaryland, College Park. She also has two dogs, Cuppy and Duffy.

Claudia Ayllón, se incorporo a la familia de Oyster –Adamsen el 2010. Este año está sirviendo como trabajadora social en Oyster. Previamente Claudia trabajo en las escuelas publicas de Prince Georges por dosaños y también trabajo en la escuela secundaria Bell por 6 años. Claudiaatendió a la Universidad Católica donde obtuvo su Maestría en Trabajo Social. Claudia pasa su tiempo libre muy ocupada con su niño de 5 años, y su esposo.


Michael Benson has taught 2nd grade English at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School since 2010. He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA in Philosophy and earned his teaching credential at the University of San Francisco. He taught for nine years in public school near San Francisco, CA. Before moving to Washington, he and his wife, Hilary, traveled for 17 months in Latin America visiting 15 countries.


Rosa Berrocal, Assistant Principal Oyster campus.




Anne Brainard has taught 5th grade English at Oyster-Adams since 2008-2009. She has a BA in US and American Studies from Trinity College and a master’s degree in teaching from American University. Mrs. Brainard loves seeing sports flourish, especially girls’ sports. She says that as a Title IX veteran, it is great to see legacy!


Katie Bunger began teaching seventh and eighth grade English Humanities at Oyster-Adams in the fall of 2008. Before joining the O-A community, she attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Public Relations. She also attended American University where she received a Master’s Degree in teaching. When Katie is not in the classroom, she enjoys running, trying new recipes, practicing Spanish with Sr. Gamarra and cheering on the Oyster-Adams sports team.  Here is a link to her website.

Steven Burch began serving as the school librarian at Oyster Adams (Intermediate Campus) in 2014, following a move from Pittsburgh, where he had worked as a school librarian for Pittsburgh Public Schools. Previously, Mr. Burch has worked as a substitute teacher, traveling public librarian (in both urban Pittsburgh and rural Chuquisaca, Bolivia), preschool teacher, handyman, set carpenter, electric bass player, and strawberry picker. Mr. Burch received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.


Roxana Bustios has taught at Oyster-Adams since 2008-2009. This year she is serving as one of the TAG teachers at the Oyster Campus.  She has a BA from the Catholic University of Lima, Peru and a master’s degree George Washington University. Sra. Bustios was born and raised in Peru in a bilingual home. Her mother was American and her father Peruvian.


Sonia Canales is a 2nd grade Spanish teacher. This is her fourth year at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School. Canales worked as an assistant teacher at Oyster, from 1990-1995. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Elementary Education in 1995 at UDC, and then Masters Degree in Business Administration at Strayer University 2007. She also obtained a second Masters Degree in Teaching/Learning the “Spanish Language and Its Culture” in the University of Granada, Spain 2010. She likes to travel around the world in nice cruises. She is originally from El Salvador, CA. Canales believes that every child should have the opportunity to attend college; therefore, she always calls her students “Mis univesitarios.”

  Mayra Canizales is originally from Nicaragua and was born and raised in Hayward, CA.  She received a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley in American Studies: Urban Educational Policy.   She also has a Masters in Elementary Education from Boston College.  She has served as seminar leader for The New Teacher Project for first year teachers seeking teaching credentials as well as serving as a faculty member for the Institute for Recruitment of Teacher at the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.  This is her 6th year with DCPS having previously been a 6th grade English teacher, Instructional Coach and Assistant Principal.  She is part of Cohort 13 of New Leaders, a principal preparation program.   She is a native Spanish speakers and is a balanced bilingual and biliterate.

Vicki Chrea is a first year teacher at Oyster Adams. She is a recent transplant to the area from the sunshine state, California. She completed her undergraduate degree at CSULB. Prior to joining DCPS she worked for San Francisco Unified School District, and Long Beach Unified School District. She enjoys traveling some of her favorite places are Siem Reap and New Orleans She also enjoys studying Krav Maga, cooking and exploring new eateries in her spare time.


“Ed” Dixon has taught at Oyster-Adams since 2006-2007. This year he is working in Middle School as an ESL and reading support teacher.  He has a BA in US and African History from Earlham College and two master’s degrees-one from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in South Asian Studies and one in Bilingual Special Education from George Washington University. Mr. Dixon recently starting diving and sailing and he is looking forward to retiring to the Caribbean.


Kristin Douglas has been at Oyster Adams for 4 years. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned a BA in Urban Studies. She then earned her MA in Teaching at American University. In addition to her love for math, Ms. Douglas also enjoys yoga, hiking, summer travel, and her book club. She is passionate about architecture, other big feats of engineering, and foreign currencies and enjoys connecting these to the middle school math curriculum.

Laura Dronda joined the Oyster Adams faculty as a MS Science teacher in 2012. Prior to becoming a part of the the OA community, Ms. Dronda taught in Spain for 3 years, as both a middle school and high school Science teacher. Ms. Dronda has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona (her hometown) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Dronda¹s spare time includes traveling and knowing different cultures and people, film and go to concerts and listening to music.

Caroline Finn is a 3rd grade teacher in her fourth year at Oyster-Adams. She attended schools in Europe and in South, Central, and North America. She has taught Special Education, elementary, and adult learners in New Mexico, Florida, Spain, and Maryland. Carol has undergraduate and graduate degrees in elementary, special, and multicultural education, and Healing Arts from the University of Denver, the University of Florida, and Tai Sophia Institute. With her two children, she loves to travel, hike, climb, read, and laugh.

Mr. Gerber has taught English Humanities in the middle school since 2009.  He was born to a family of teachers in a small Connecticut town. Between then and now, he has studied and worked in New York, London, Colombia, Mexico, and Haiti. Still, he counts Echo Hill among his favorite places.  Mr. Gerber is a winner of the 2012 Rubenstein Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Susan Gonzalez, Counselor-Adams campus.




Vanesa Gracia first came to Oyster in 2007. She left and returned to Oyster-Adams in 2009 to be a third grade Spanish teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Master’s degree in Languages. Sra. Gracia has taught in several countries, mostly in Europe. She says that knowing how things work in different countries has been a great experience.


Melissa Grant is the Pre-Kindergarten English and Special Education Teacher in PreKB. 2012-2013 is her fifth year at Oyster and in Washington DC! Prior to moving to DC, she taught early childhood special education and early intervention in New York City. She earned an undergraduate degree in Theatre at the University of Michigan and a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education and Child Life at Bank Street College of Education. Ms.Grant loves discussing and debating education issues, New York City, and her family.

Johanna Janssens teaches art at the primary campus. Previously Ms. Janssesn taught art at Francis Stevens EC in Washington, DC and at the Friends Community School in College Park, Maryland. Prior to teaching, Johanna lived overseas in Cairo, Nairobi, Jerusalem and Tokyo, where she worked as an art director in publishing and advertising. She holds a master’s degree in art education and a bachelor’s degree in communications media.

Mrs. Hidalgo has taught Spanish Humanities in the middle school since 2012. Prior to becoming a part of the OA community, Mrs. Hidalgo taught in Colombia for 10 years, as both a middle school and high school Spanish teacher. Mrs. Hidalgo loves the annual Spanish ³Festival de Poesia² and her favorite celebration is the Spanish Heritage month.


Laura Kleinmann has been the librarian at the Oyster campus for 18 years. She finds her job to fit perfectly because she loves children and books (don’t ask her in which order) and is bilingual. Ms. Kleinmann attended Smith College, the University of Mexico and the University of Maryland. She has a Masters in Library Science but considers her 6 years in Mexico to have provided her with the best part of her education.


Roxane Kovin has taught at Oyster for 36 years! This was her first teaching job after graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She also has a Masters of Education in Educational Computing from University College. Mrs. Kovin initially got hired as a substitute teacher for a 2nd/3rd grade Spanish teacher who was out on maternity leave. She just happened to hang her coat in the principal’s office a month before graduating from college, and the principal, Mr. Frank Miele, hired her on the spot. He offered her no future guarantees, yet 36 years later she still teaches Pre-K!!

Elisa Landa is a First Grade Spanish teacher. This is her 10th year at Oyster-Adams. She has taught Kindergarten and First Grade. She was born and grew up in Veracruz, Mexico. She graduated from Universidad Veracruzana and received her master’s degree from George Mason University. She worked for the“Secretaria de Educacion Publica” and she was a founder of a public school in her country.


Alexis Leonesio is a First Grade English teacher at Oyster. She transitioned into teaching as a Kindergarten Teacher from a nearby Charter school in the fall of 2009. She received a B.A. in History at the University of Maryland College Park and M.A.T. from American University. After college, “Ms. L” worked as a grant writer for a small non-profit called the Student Support Center. This job offered her many opportunities to visit different schools in the D.C. area to help students get the resources they need. After being inspired by so many “superhero” teachers in their classrooms, Ms. L got the calling to teach early childhood and has loved it ever since.

In 1991, Ms. Li got her bachelor’s degree in Chongqing Normal University, China, with the major of Foreign Language Education (English). She had 16 years’ strong experience as a foreign language teacher in secondary and elementary schools in China. Ms. Li got her Master’s Degree in the University of Maryland in 2011 with the major of Foreign Language Education (Chinese). Since 2009, she has been teaching in O-A, and now she has more than 80 students who are in three different learning levels.


Ana López grew up in New Jersey speaking Spanish and Gallego with her family from Galicia, Spain. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies at Brown University in Providence, R.I. , receiving a B.A. in Human Development (Education Studies) and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education. She has a passion for languages and also knows French and American Sign Language (ASL). Ms. López joined Oyster-Adams in 2011 and she’s very excited to be a part of this bilingual community.

She is 100% catracha! Born and raised in the beautiful coast of La Ceiba, Honduras. She  just joined the Oyster- Adams family. She is teaching Algebra in eighth grade.  Ms. Mazier is an Industrial Engineer with a Master’s in Education from Framingham University. She has been teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Pre Calculus for the past six years. Prior to that she has taught High School Social Studies, Middle School English and was a third grade teacher. In her spare time she likes to play sports such as basketball, soccer, and softball. Besides sports she likes to draw.

Veronica McKillop has been the Early Childhood Center teacher and the girls middle school volleyball coach since 2010 (go Tigers!). Prior to moving to DC, Ms. McKillop earned her degree in Childhood Special Education fron NYU and taught in a middle school for four years in Massachusetts. During her free time, Ms. McKillop enjoys running, spending time with family, and eating delicious food.

Peter Meliotis is in his first year at Oyster Adams and with DCPS.  Prior to DCPS Peter worked for Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland for six years.  While in PGCPS he worked as a teacher in second, fifth and sixth grades.  He also worked as a Testing Coordinator,   Science coach, Math Coach and Resident Principal during his time with PGCPS.  Peter has degrees form Coker College in Hartsville, S.C. and Trinity University in Washington D.C.  He enjoys cooking, playing soccer, traveling and rooting on the Baltimore Ravens.

Matthew Mitchell, Dean-Adams campus. Matthew J. Mitchell is a native Washingtonian. Mr. Mitchell grew up playing competitive baseball in the metropolitan area, where his love and passion for baseball landed him a scholarship to Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Mr. Mitchell returned to Washington D.C. and accepted a position in case management servicing the homeless population. After two years in case management, Mr. Mitchell decided to pursue a career in education, this would allow him to positively impact the lives of the youth in the District of Columbia. Mr. Mitchell began teaching in District of Columbia Public Charter Schools (DCPCS) – where he taught for three years. While teaching middle school, Mr. Mitchell earned a Master’s Degree in Education, with a focus in School Counseling (Adlerian Theory), from Bowie State University. In the summer of 2014, Mr. Mitchell accepted the position of Dean of Students with Oyster Adams, where he developed a young men’s group, which focuses on the holistic development of middle school male students. Currently, Mr. Mitchell is studying for the National Counselors Exam and plans to become a licensed counselor in 2015- this will allow him to service at-risk youth in the metropolitan area. Mr. Mitchell spends his leisure time reading, playing and coaching baseball, and attending world class boxing events.

Christina Morado, joined the Oyster Adams faculty as an Instructional Coach in 2008 and was appointed Assistant Principal in August 2012. Prior to becoming a part of the the OA community, Ms. Morado taught in New York City and Los Angeles for 9 years, as both a middle school and high school English and social studies teacher. Ms. Morado has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia University. Morado’s spare time includes crafty pastimes, looking for and consuming good reads, and biking around the capital.

Brian Muldoon joined Oyster Adams in January 2011 as an ESL teacher in the middle school and this year is serving as the librarian for the Adams Campus. Brian graduated from American University’s School of International Service. He has a master’s degree in International Development from George Washington University. Brian has taught in Washington, DC for 12 years. Before moving to Washington, Brian was a Peace Corps Volunteer. When he is not teaching English, Brian enjoys improving his Spanish, German, Filipino, Japanese and American Sign Language.

Mr. Oscar Orlando joined Oyster Adams during the school year 2014/2015 as the 6th grade Spanish Humanities teacher. In the 10 years prior to teaching at Adams, Mr. Orlando taught in both Florida and DC. As a teacher he was trained at Florida International University and received his masters in science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As a former ESL student and as a current student of Polish, Mr. Orlando has first hand experience in learning new languages.

Prior to taking the position as an instructional coach in 2010, Rick Quinones was a classroom teacher at Oyster for nine years, teaching grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Rick has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Alaska Anchorage and a Masters of Teaching Elementary from the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. During his free time, Rick likes to take classes at his gym, try new cooking recipes, and watch documentaries.


Sarah Riggen began teaching 7/8th grade science at Oyster Adams in the fall of 2013.  Sarah is a National Board Certified Teacher who has taught middle and high school students at several schools in DC and Boston. She graduated from The College of William and Mary with a B.S. and was an environmental consultant before entering an urban teaching M.Ed. program at Boston College. Her professional and personal passions include sustainability, racial equity/equality, all kinds of fitness (especially dance), travel (especially to 27 Charcos in the Dominican Republic), singing with the St Augustine Gospel Choir, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Carrie Roling loves teaching 5th graders because they understand so much about their world and yet are able to envision change. Roling grew up in Missouri and has a bachelor’s degree in English from Truman State University and a master’s degree in TESOL from American University. She taught ESL for DCPS since 2001 and joined Oyster Adams in 2007, the same year her son, Solomon, was born. Carrie’s family grew from two to five when she married Juan, last summer. Writing is a personal hobby and one of her favorite subjects to teach.


Pam Ross has taught since 1989 and has taught at Oyster-Adams for twelve years. This year she is serving as the Lead TAG teacher.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College with a major in Russian Language (1984) and Masters of Science in Education with a specialty in early childhood education from Bank Street College of Education (1991). She has also completed course work at George Washington University in the area of Bilingual/Special Education. In 2005 she was a recipient of the ING Unsung Heroes Award and in 2009, she became a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT). She loves gardening, science and hiking.

MARGA RUIZ  joined Oyster-Adams in August 2014 as 4th grade Spanish teacher. She was born and raised in Spain. Prior to becoming part of the O-A community, Ms Ruiz has taught at elementary schools in Spain for 3 years, in the US for 3 years (Arlington and Delaware) and in England at high school for 1 year. Ms Ruiz has a Masters in Secondary Education (ESL) and Bachelors in Elementary Education (Foreign Languages) from The University of Malaga. She finished her studies in Sheffield University, England. Ms Ruiz has a passion for running and hiking, snowboarding and working out.  She enjoys learning and teaching foreign languages, and connecting her experiences abroad to the school curriculum.

Magdalena Saaverdra Nació en Puerto Rico donde estudió su Bachillerato en Educación Elemental de la UPR. Su familia, iglesia y Tuna Universitaria apoyaron su talento y pasatiempo: el canto y guitarra. Es miembro fundador de Coral Cantigas. Casada, madre de 3 ex-alumnos de DCPS, suegra y abuela . Vivió en Bogotá, Puerto Rico, Maryland y Washington, DC. Obtiene su maestría en Trinity College. En 1989 llegó a Oyster. Ahí publicó su proyecto Canta Conmigo, 2 CD’s para niños.


Mawilcri Santos has worked as a Spanish teacher for four years and has taught kindergarten for two of these. She has an MAT from Regent University. Señora Santos is a passionate believer in bilingual education who says she is a “life-long learner” and “always trying to find ways to enhance her profession.”


Anna Sebastian is starting her first year as a part of the Oyster-Adams community. Her past experiences include teaching Social Studies at Alice Deal Middle School and Creative Writing at the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland. Ms. Sebastian has an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education and Spanish/Latin American Studies and hopes to pursue her Master’s in the next couple of years. Ms. Sebastian’s free time includes plenty of reading, yoga and movie watching.


Melissa Shaw has worked as a Social Worker at Oyster-Adams Bilingual school since 2008. After a few years of working across both campuses, she now works full time at the intermediate campus with grades 4 through 8.  Melissa was born and raised in NYC and moved to Washington DC in 1999.  Melissa was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Dajabón, Dominican Republic. She is a graduate of the College of Wooster, Ohio and has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

Ryan Wee Sim joins the Oyster-Adams family to teach 6th grade science in Spanish. Mr. Sim previously taught high school Biology and AP Environmental Science in south Los Angeles for the past 4 years. Mr. Sim also taught English and Service Learning courses to first-year university students during his 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. Before entering the formal classroom, Mr. Sim worked as a Community Organizer and Program Manager for local non-profit organizations. Mr. Sim received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University. Mr. Sim enjoys collecting fossils and passport stamps, preferably in mild, Mediterranean climates.


Yanitza Tavarez has taught Art (in Spanish), 4th-8th Grade at Oyster Adams since August 2009. A native New Yorker (with parents from the Dominican Republic), she attended New York’s renowned Pratt Institute (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theory, Criticism, and History of Art, Architecture and Design; Masters of Industrial Design) and is currently completing a Masters in Secondary Education at George Washington University. Bringing an exciting variety of professional work experiences to Oyster Adams, find out more about Sra. Tavarez at

Jane Vicens is one of the fourth grade spanish teachers at Oyster Adams. Ms. Vicens joined Oyster Adams in 2014 after moving from her home state of Florida where she attended the University of Florida. Ms. Vicens served as an academic interventionist  working with students learning English as a second language. When not in the classroom, Ms. Vicens enjoys being active, meditating, and getting to know her new home.

Ricardo Zeno-López joined the Oyster Adams faculty as PE Teacher in August 2012. Prior to becoming a part of the OA community, Mr. Zeno-López taught in Puerto Rico and Orlando for 9 years, as an elementary school, middle school and high school PE teacher. Mr. Zeno-Lopez has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Puerto Rico and Caribbean University. Zeno’s spare time includes Crossfit, sports and family outdoor activities.